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Skookum 8N

Skookum 8N

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Every set of Skookum pickups is something special. We use the finest materials available on the market and each pickup is meticulously wound for exceptional tone. Skookum sets are ready to ship and come in a nifty collectible tin!

"They don't make 'em like they used to," That's what my dad said hooking up the flail mower to the 8N's PTO. And it was true, lots of equipment came and went through the pasture, but you could always count on that old tractor to start right up. She never did ask much: Just an oil change every season, maybe some fresh points every decade or two. You could drive her hard and put her away wet; she never complained, just kept puttering along. Still does, even to this day. There were some changes over the years - practical stuff. Made sense to switch her over to 12V from 6 and it only takes overshooting a turn with a brush hog at WTO one time to fit a new PTO spline with a slip clutch. 

This Skookum set is built like they used to, with a few modern changes to make life easier. A3 magnets, formvar wire, hot bridge, twangy neck, steel bridge plate - those are all there. But we use a nickel-silver cover to preserve a bit more treble in the neck, and we made it RWRP to cut the noise in the middle switch position. There's a third wire on the neck too - that's a separate cover ground just in case you want to try out 4-way switching. Maybe you won't need that now, but this is a set worth hanging onto and you never know if it'll come in handy over the years. 

Under the Hood

  • Alnico 3 magnets
  • Formvar 42/43 AWG wire in Bridge/Neck
  • Black vulcanized fiber flatwork
  • Raw, unplated nickel-silver cover
  • 4-way ready with separate cover ground
  • Steel baseplate
  • Wax potted

8N Set 003 Measured Specs

  • Bridge: 4.15H, 96.74 pF, 7.71 KOhm
  • Neck: 2.62H, 99.04 pF, 7.37 KOhm
  • Raw Nickel Cover

8N Set 004 Measured Specs

  • Bridge: 4.60H, 85.44 pF, 8.03 KOhm
  • Neck: 2.62H, 93.26 pF, 7.38 KOhm
  • Chrome Cover


Measurements are taken with a calibrated DER DE-5000 at 66 deg. F ambient temperature. Your measurements may vary depending on a number of factors. 


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