Wiring Colors

Our 4-conductor wires follow the SD color scheme. This is:
Screw side: Green Start, Red Finish
Slug Side: Black start and White finish
Bare Wire: Separate Cover and Baseplate ground
Magnetic polarity: Screw side South Up, Slug side North Up
For wiring a 4-conductor lead as a 2-conductor lead, please make sure that the red and white leads are soldered together. Please treat black as hot and green as ground. The bare wire should also be grounded.
Our 2-conductor Shielded cloth pushback wire is:
Bare wire shield: Ground
Cloth-insulated wire: Hot
T-style sets
All of our T-style neck pickups now come with a separate cover ground. This separate cover ground is yellow. Please always treat the yellow wire as a ground.
If you are wiring a 3-way switch (Standard), please also treat black as ground and white at hot. If you are wiring a 4-way switch or another wiring schematic, please treat black and white as directed by your wiring diagram while still treating yellow as ground.
S-style sets
Please treat black as ground and white/yellow as hot
Lake Surfers
Please treat black and ground and white/yellow as hot
Corian cover Skookum-90
Please treat black as ground and white/yellow as hot. Because there is no metal baseplate or cover, there is no need for a separate cover/baseplate ground. If you wiring diagram directs you to ground the cover/baseplate, please ignore this missing wire.
Metal-cover Skookum-90
Shielded Cloth Pushback Wire:
Please treat the bare shielded wire as ground and the internal, insulated wire as hot
Cloth pushback wire without metal mesh shield:
There will be three wires with this pickup. Please treat black as ground and white/yellow as hot. Please always wire the separate cover ground as ground.