Bootstrap Golden Ale™ Set for Strat®
Bootstrap Golden Ale™ Set for Strat®
Bootstrap Golden Ale™ Set for Strat®

Bootstrap Golden Ale™ Set for Strat®

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Smooth, full-bodied tone, classic chime, and a powerful bridge pickup makes for a versatile Bootstrap recipe. The neck and middle positions feature a vintage wind with warm ALNICO 2 magnets while the bridge position is overwound with powerful ALNICO 5 poles to really push a tube amp.

We recommend choosing flat stagger pole pieces for modern Stratocaster® and similar style guitars. Staggered pole pieces were introduced at a time when a narrow fretboard radius (~7.5") and a wound G string were commonplace, but design changes in the coming decades made the stagger largely obsolete. Nevertheless, we do offer a 1954 vintage-spec stagger with a tall D post for those who prefer the sound of a staggered pickup.

Under The Hood

  • Forbon® vulcanized fiber bobbins
  • 42 AWG pure copper wire with ruby enamel insulation
  • ALNICO 2 magnets in neck and middle position
  • ALNICO 5 magnets in bridge position
  • RW/RP middle pickup for noise cancellation
  • Push-back cloth leads with 22 AWG pre-tinned wire for easy installation
  • Lightly potted in a mix of beeswax and paraffin
  • Chrome height adjustment screws and spring
  • Includes parchment or black covers
  • Resistance: ~5.6kOhm*, ~5.6kOhm, ~7.4kOhm

*Note: Due to a number of variables, resistance can vary between pickups. Resistance is not a reliable indicator of output.

Stratocaster®, Strat® and Fender® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC). Bootstrap Pickups is not affiliated with or endorsed by FMIC and we do not sell products made or authorized by FMIC. Forbon® is a registered trademark of Ele Associates Global LLC.

Please allow 2-7 business days for your pickups to be wound in Ohio.


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