Shop Notes / Order Status

This page is just a quick bulletin board from the Bootstrap Pickups shop. We'll put announcements here as well as projects that we're working on and the next week's order queue minimums. The most recent updates on top, scroll down for older notes. Current estimated lead times are also listed below.

Current lead times to ship as of 6/4/24: About 4-6 Weeks.

A note about our weekly order queue: Order numbers do not correlate with the number of pickups that we ship - some orders contain a single pickup, some contain many, some orders are canceled and some orders are tied to others as price adjustments. The list of orders posted each week does not mean that if your order is not on this list, that it will not ship this week. We often do batches throughout the week to knock out similar sets/orders even if they are not on this list. This list does not include courtesies, exchanges, etc... This is a list of orders we expect to ship to stay within the longer bound of our lead times.

6/4/24: Hey Bootstrappers, we expect orders through 9098 to ship this week. If your order number is one of the following, please contact us at your convenience as there may be an issue with the order related to billing, address information, or order details/notes: 9106, 9018, 9015, 8873

5/23/24 Hey Bootstrappers, we expect orders through 9019 to ship this week ending 5/26.


Also, thanks to the fellow who reached out to point out some misspellings on the website!


5/13/24: Happy Monday, Bootstrappers! We're currently within our 4 to 6 weeks lead times to ship. We expect orders through 8967 to ship this week. 

We're currently working on upgrades to the website including a total rebuild on the site theme and code. The website may be a bit unstable throughout the day today and tomorrow, please bear with us.

 Humbuckers and custom pickups Very sorry folks, but we're in the middle of the site upgrade and we still have to reinstall our product customization app that lets you choose all the custom options on our buckers and custom single coils. I'll post again once the website is updated and humbuckers and custom pickups are available, but it probably won't be tonight 5/13.

4/27/24: Happy Saturday, Bootstrappers! Good news, we are currently within our 4 to 6 weeks lead time to ship. We expect all orders between 8838 to 8880 to ship this week. Orders through 8856 are expected to ship in our next USPS or UPS collection, typically Monday. I know we also have a special order for Golden Ale set with A4 bridge, and order 9068 in this queue as well.  

If your order is a lower number than 8838 and you have not yet received tracking information, please check your spam/promotions/marketing folder and then contact us. If your order number is 8873, please contact us.

Special note: We will be unavailable to talk by phone or chat most evenings this week but plan to return to our normal schedule on 5/6.

3/14/24: Hey folks we're reopening the shop for new orders. We do still have a backlog beyond 6 weeks to still clear out and have a lot of packages going out over the next few days as we get back on track to our typical lead times. I apologize for the delay there and do genuinely appreciate everyone's patience. 


9/19/23: Hey folks, just a heads up that we're not currently taking orders for custom pickups through the website while we try to figure out a new customization tool. They should be available again in about two weeks. In the meantime, please feel welcome to email for an invoice for custom pickups. 

4/18/23: Wow, that order queue filled up quickly, thank you everyone! I've updated our lead times accordingly, we're now about 3-5 weeks out for new orders, but orders that were placed before 10AM on 4/18/23 will still be fulfilled on a 2-3 week lead time to ship schedule. I'm trying to be very careful with my estimates so that we continue to fulfill our lead time commitments without falling behind, so orders may ship sooner than this. 

4/17/23: Alright! Our order queue is all cleared out, we have our shop fixed up and we're ready to starting taking orders again.

A few notes:

Thank you: Thank you so much to all of our customers who were so patient with us during our temporary closure, I really really appreciate all of you!

HB90s: We're working on getting HB90 parts back in stock, those should be available soon. If you want to get in the order queue for that, please feel welcome to shoot me a message, we do have some parts on hand but I marked them out of stock for now just to make sure we don't accidentally oversell for more than we have parts on hand for. Also, our HB90 corian covers no longer have exposed pole pieces (ie, there are no holes in the top of the cover). This should have no effect on tone, it's purely aesthetic. If you really like the exposed pole pieces, please feel welcome to reach out, we may have some covers available or may be able to cut new ones. 

Rush Orders: We now offer rush orders for a bit extra. Right now we're doing a contact form just so that I can confirm for each rush order when the order can ship and when exactly it is scheduled to arrive.  I do plan to have this as an option in our checkout or on the product page without an additional need to contact us with the rush order form. 


Freight/Parcel Forwarders for International Orders: Please note that due to significant risk of fraud as well as our backend fraud detection, we no longer ship to freight/parcel forwarders without prior approval. We are happy to ship to relatives/friends/personal associates within the USA who then intend to ship internationally, you do not need to contact us for this prior to ordering. But if your domestic USA address has Suite/Lot/Apt/2nd Address Lines with a long strings of numbers and letters, please shoot us a message before ordering. Sorry about that. 


3/31/23: Hey Bootstrappers, just a mid-break update. We're wrapping up the last of the order queue left to ship and everything should go out in the next two weeks. I really appreciate everyone's patience on these orders, and I look forward to re-opening on April 17 with shorter lead times. 


 3/16/23: Hey Bootstrappers, just a brief update since we're a couple weeks into our scheduled temporary closure. Right now our prices show our pickups costing a thousand bucks or so. We did not raise our actual prices, we are just closed for new orders until 4/17/23. Unfortunately we cannot close our checkout or the website itself goes down, and that prevents folks from tracking orders, checking specs, editing/canceling orders, etc... There's nothing that I can do about this checkout issue at this time, so I just bulk added $1000 to every product listing with the expectation that no one would actually pay that amount. If someone were to have actually ordered at these $1000+ prices, I of course would refund the order.

We're currently making our way through all of our backlog. All orders should ship before 4/17 with old orders shipping first followed by newer orders on a 4-6 week lead time to ship. When we re-open, I expect our lead times to be much faster, which is great news!

Please remember that I can be contacted at 567 240 1343 with any questions - please leave a voicemail if I don't immediately answer, or shoot a text and I'll get right back to you.


2/15/2023: A few notes: We're still working through our previous humbucker orders from January - these should all ship this week. We plan to close for new orders from February 27 to April 17, and will resume new orders by April 17, 2023. During this time all currently placed orders will ship but we will not accept new orders or inquiries for new orders until re-opening on April 17.


1/9/23: Just a heads up, Bootstrap Pickups will be closed the following dates: 2/27, 2/28, 4/10-4/16. Orders will continue to ship during this time but new orders will not be able to be placed until 3/1 and 4/17 respectively. 


2/19/21: We're back open for new orders! We do have a bit of an order backlog beyond 3 weeks that we're clearing up this weekend. I really appreciate everyone's patience as we begin to grow in our capacity of the orders that we can fulfill each day. 

We also have a new email:

2/6/21: Hey Bootstrappers! We have temporarily closed for new orders while we catch up on our order backlog. We will re-open for orders on 2/15/21.


During this time we're trying something new. A lot of our customers have told us that they'd rather pay a bit more for pickups that can ship faster (Same day or next day) with better communication throughout the process. Our Reverb store will remain open during this time for rush orders. Sets on Reverb will be priced at $69.99 and will ship within 3 days. If you contact us through Reverb messages, we'll reply promptly. 

To be clear, we do not plan to raise prices on once we re-open. Rather, we are testing whether it could make sense to tailor our Reverb store towards faster order fulfillment to serve the needs of our customers who would rather pay a bit extra for a rush order. If this is something that would interest you, please check out our Reverb store by following the link below.

Bootstrap Pickups | Reverb



12/21/20: Hey Bootstrappers! We're moving forward on orders a bit faster than expected, we should now re-open for new orders Monday 12/28/2020. 

 12/14/20: Hey Bootstrappers! I hope you've had an excellent holiday season despite everything going on in 2020. We're going to be closed for new orders during the last two weeks of the year (12/19/20 - 1/2/2021). We'll continue fulfilling orders that are currently in the order queue during this time, but won't be taking new orders during this time. We will re-open on January 2, 2021 with much shorter lead times and some new pickup options!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and see you in 2021!



Hey Bootstrapppers, did you recently receive an email that your package has shipped, but the tracking still says that the label has not been scanned? On 10/13/20 we delivered many packages to the post office that were not scanned properly due to a USPS scanner malfunction. The postal service has informed us that the labels are expected to update upon receiving an arrival scan at your local post office. The packages may also receive a scan update at a regional processing facility, though this is less likely.




We're open again! Thank you everyone for your patience as we took several days to clear out our order queue and start taking orders once more. We're doing some tweaking with the website, so please drop us a message if you see something that doesn't look quite right. Also we have several new models of pickups available, so check those out!

Things coming very soon:

Split coil pickups for PB bass guitars: We are just waiting for the covers to arrive, should be about 2 weeks for those to come in.

Product photography: Our T-style, soapbars and Pruno sets need new product photography. I'm working on that tonight