Current lead times are 7-10 business days
Current lead times are 7-10 business days
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Shop Notes

This page is just a quick bulletin board from the Bootstrap Pickups shop. We'll put announcements here as well as projects that we're working on. The most recent updates on top, scroll down for older notes. Current estimated lead times are also listed below.

Current lead times to ship as of 8/12/2020: 5-7 business days


We're open again! Thank you everyone for your patience as we took several days to clear out our order queue and start taking orders once more. We're doing some tweaking with the website, so please drop us a message if you see something that doesn't look quite right. Also we have several new models of pickups available, so check those out!

Things coming very soon:

Split coil pickups for PB bass guitars: We are just waiting for the covers to arrive, should be about 2 weeks for those to come in.

Product photography: Our T-style, soapbars and Pruno sets need new product photography. I'm working on that tonight