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Bootstrap USA Squeaky Mean Soapbar Set for Gibson® P90

Bootstrap USA Squeaky Mean Soapbar Set for Gibson® P90

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The pissed-off cousin of our original soapbars, our Squeaky Mean Soap Bars have the raw grit to give an extra push to your amp. They offer the ultimate in modern overwound P90 tone and feature full charged ALNICO 5 magnets.

Under the hood:

  • Vulcanized fiber bobbins
  • 42 AWG enameled copper wire
  • ALNICO 5 magnets, 50mm spacing
  • Push-back cloth leads with 22 AWG pre-tinned wire for easy installation
  • Potted in a mix of beeswax and paraffin
  • Chrome height adjustment screws and spring
  • ~10.2kOhm
*Please note that resistance values are approximate and may vary due to a number of factors including actual wire thickness, wire tension, ambient temperature as well as differences between multimeters. We accept a tolerance of +/-10% K Ohms. Bootstrap Pickups winds to a a set wind count, not resistance.

Squeaky Means are wound-to-order in our small Ohio shop. Please check the Shop Notes page for current lead times.

Gibson® is a registered trademark of Gibson Brands, Inc. Bootstrap Pickups is not affiliated with or endorsed by Gibson Brands, Inc. and we do not sell products made or authorized by Gibson Brands, Inc..

We use either all-black vulcanized fiber bobbins or gray and black vulcanized fiber bobbins depending on material availability. If you have a preference for either bobbin cover, please leave a note at checkout and we are happy to accommodate.


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