Hey Bootstrappers! Current lead times are about 4 weeks to ship.
Hey Bootstrappers! Current lead times are about 4 weeks to ship.
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Bootstrap Pruno™ Set for Strat®

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Like the prison wine they're named after, these pickups pack quite a punch!  We loaded a single coil set with .25" ALNICO 5 slug magnets and wound the h*ck outta them. A big magnet + a big coil = tons of output for loud, dirty tone.

They don't clean up well and are not fit for polite company.


Product photography coming very soon!

Under The Hood

  • Forbon® vulcanized fiber bobbins
  • 43 AWG pure copper wire
  • 0.25" ALNICO 5 poles
  • RW/RP middle pickup for noise cancellation
  • Push-back cloth leads with 22 AWG pre-tinned wire for easy installation
  • Lightly potted in a mix of beeswax and paraffin
  • Chrome height adjustment screws and spring
  • ~14.8K* all positions

*Please note that resistance values can vary. We wind to a particular wind count, not a particular resistance value. We accept a 10% tolerance on resistance values.


Stratocaster®, Strat® and Fender® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC). Bootstrap Pickups is not affiliated with or endorsed by FMIC and we do not sell products made or authorized by FMIC. Forbon® is a registered trademark of Ele Associates Global LLC.

Bootstrap Pickups are wound-to-order in our small Ohio shop. Please check the Shop Notes page for current lead times.

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