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Skookum Buckers - 005 to 007

Skookum Buckers - 005 to 007

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Every set of Skookum pickups is something special and is ready to ship in our next USPS collection in its own nifty collectible tin!

Hey Bootstrappers, our Skookum Buckers sets #005, #006, and #007 sport clean vintage tones with sand-cast Alnico 4 magnets and modern 4-conductor shielded leads for all sorts of wiring diagrams.  While you decide on which of the USA-made, nickel-silver covers would look best in your rig, also ponder the greatest question of all: Are the purpleheart spacers under each bobbin the key to truly legendary tone?

No. That's silly. But they were fun to add!


Under the Hood

  • Sand-cast ALNICO 4 magnet in the neck and bridge
  • 50mm Neck, 52mm Bridge spacing
  • 4 conductor shielded leads ready to split!
  • Lightly potted in a mix of beeswax and paraffin 
  • Resistance: 7.4K neck, 8.6K bridge

Skookum buckers are assembled in the USA with USA and imported materials.

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