Bootstrap Buckers - Vintage Cleans

Bootstrap Buckers - Vintage Cleans

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New to the Bootstrap lineup, our Bootstrap Buckers pack tons of tone at a killer price. Our Vintage Cleans deliver a warm vintage P.A.F. tone that clean up well but still have enough output to push a tube amp.

Under the hood

  • 50mm Neck, 52mm Bridge pole spacing
  • Modern ABS plastic bobbins
  • 42 AWG enamel insulated copper wire
  • Nickel-silver baseplate
  • Nickel-plated Fillister screw poles
  • Nickel-plated steel slugs
  • Sand-Cast ALNICO 5 magnet
  • 4 Conductor Shielded lead wire
  • Vintage correct paper tape wrap
  • Brass bobbin-mounting screws
  • Wax potted (Unpotted available - please message us prior to ordering)
  • Hard maple spacer
  • 7.6 kOhm Neck, 8.2kOhm bridge


Bootstrap Buckers are made to order with a 2-5 day typical lead time to ship. Bootstrap Buckers contain USA and foreign components. Please note that due to the low price of these pickups and the extra handling necessary for custom orders, any customization requests outside the options listed above are subject to a minimum $30 fee per pickup. Please note that the product photography shows a vintage pushback shielded lead wire - these lead wires are temporarily unavailable as we search for a new supplier.

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